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Give Someone You Know The Gift Of Space

If someone you know -- a heavenly friend, starry relative, or spaced-out co-worker -- has a passion for learning and a sweet tooth for astronomy, wouldn’t they be thrilled to receive a hug from the universe with your name on it?

Send your loved one a gift bigger than anything they could picture or paint, with benefits that will last an entire lifetime. Membership in the Sky Candy Astronomy course makes a thoughtful and wholly original present suitable for anyone who ever looked up at the sky and wondered what to make of our miraculous universe.

What Is An Astronomy Course Gift Membership?

An astronomy course gift membership is a non-renewing membership paid for by one person (the gift giver) to be used by someone else (the recipient). The recipient of the gift receives a Stargazer-level membership (our highest level of membership) in the Sky Candy Astronomy course, which gives him or her 365 days of unlimited access to the full Sky Candy curriculum, including: 18 Sky Candy classes, 150 minutes of video, 18 interactive quizzes with fully automated assessment, extended research, access to our space store, blog, forum, online puzzles and games, educational downloads, a personalized certificate upon completion and more.

The price of the gift membership is $79 CAD. You can make the gift EXTRA special by adding one of our soft, heavenly Sky Candy T-Shirts (like the one pictured) for $35 more. Of course, the gift recipient will be able to choose from a variety of T-Shirt styles and sizes. Shipping is included in the price. *NOTE: Offer available in USA and CAN only.

How will my recipient find out about the gift membership? It’s simple: On the start date you've chosen -- for example, the recipient’s birthday, Father’s Day, Christmas Day, or any day at all -- we will send an email telling them about your generous gift and how they may

Sky Candy T-Shirt

access the astronomy course to start their cosmic training. If you’ve chosen to add a Sky Candy T-Shirt as part of your gift, we’ll also send a redemption code with instructions for how they can order one from our online store. That’s it!


If you need more information you can contact us by email. We are happy to assist you.

Send Someone A Hug From The Universe With Your Name On It

Select the gift you wish to give:

Thank you for ordering!

A Few Final Notes

Prior to (or on) the start date, we encourage you to give a “heads up” to the recipient that an email will be arriving from the Sky Candy Astronomy course, and that their membership starts the date it arrives. This will help ensure that our email doesn’t escape their attention!


Finally, if you think your Facebook friends would be interested in this unique educational gift, you can help us reach more people and support our mission to teach the world all about the real universe by sharing this page. Thank you!


Do you know that looking at the stars is a natural form of stress relief? Maybe it's because our everyday worries seem less significant in the face of such magnificence. Or that our deep and personal connection to it all reminds us we're part of some- thing so much "more than this".


If you have any questions or comments about the Sky Candy Astronomy course, 

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