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Did you know looking at the stars is a natural form of stress relief that encourages feelings of relaxation and peace?

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A Little Goes A Long Way

Thank you for visiting our donation page. We at Sky Candy Astronomy firmly believe in the power of the science of astronomy to put our lives in grander perspective. We also believe that every one of us has the absolute right (if not duty) to marvel at the sky and take possession of its splendor. We’ve battled hard and invested much in support of our values, even when it was not convenient to do so. The culmination of our efforts can be seen (and hopefully appreciated) on every page of this website, which stands as an homage to the brilliant spectacle of nature, and a glowing tribute to all the beautiful citizens of the universe.

What drives us to want to peer into every corner of the cosmos? For us, Sky Candy is a unique opportunity (and privilege) to show the world that we’re all part of something bigger, something so much “more than this”. We are grateful (in a way that is hard to communicate) that we’ve been given a purpose, a directive that is as clear as the stars on a moonless night.



We encourage anyone who cannot afford the enrollment fee to send us an email, state your case and we'll consider granting you a fully paid scholarship to the Sky Candy astronomy course.

Because the cosmos should be free and accessible to all, no matter the night nor the reason.

Everyone Needs More Cosmos In Their Life

We hope you thoroughly enjoy watching our Sky Candy videos, taking our challenging quizzes and generally interacting with the dreamers and stargazers on our website.


Simply put, if you feel that the experience you gained is worth more than what you spent to enroll in the program, we would be honored if you made a one-time donation of any amount. Your gift will go towards funding an all-new Sky Candy series, specifically the cost of post-production (editing, graphics and audio) and online distribution (web hosting and video streaming). Donate today and we will add you (or your organization) to our list of esteemed patrons. All patrons will be acknowledged by name in the end credits of the newest Sky Candy production.

Thank you for investing in our mission to show the world the real universe.

Make A One-Time Donation

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

Thank You For Supporting Sky Candy

Did you know that looking at the stars is a natural form of stress relief? Maybe it’s because our everyday worries seem less significant in the face of such magnificence. Or that our deep and personal connection to it all reminds us we’re part of something bigger, something so much “more than this”. We cannot tell you exactly how Sky Candy will affect your body, your mind or your spirit. But we can show you. Open a window to the real universe and restore your soul with Sky Candy, a breath of fresh nighttime air in these challenging times.


If you have any questions or comments about the Sky Candy Astronomy course,

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