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What Is Sky Candy?


We cannot tell you exactly how Sky Candy will positively affect your body, your mind or your spirit. But we can show you ...

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Sky Candy is a visionary online astronomy course consisting of 18 intensive classes, each with award-winning video, advanced astronomical research, fully automated quizzes and interactive picture and word games that deliver an out-of-this-world e-learning experience.

Written and directed by a team of professional astronomers and filmmakers, Sky Candy teaches essential concepts of astronomy and astrophysics while embracing the idea that almost everything in the night sky is beyond our physical reach, but well within our dreams.

We’re so confident in our course that we’re offering you the chance to participate in the first two classes for free, then let you decide if you’d like to continue your cosmic training. Remarkably engaging. Stunningly beautiful. Blazingly authentic. This is Sky Candy.


  • Planets and moons in our solar system

  • The Milky Way, Andromeda, and other galaxies in the universe

  • Star birth: molecular clouds, nebulas

  • Star death: planetary nebulas, white dwarfs, supernovas, black holes

  • Open star clusters, globular clusters

  • Galaxy mergers and evolution

  • Dark matter, dark energy, and other advanced concepts

  • Major telescopes on the ground (VLT, VISTA) and in space (Hubble)

  • The search for life in the universe

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  • At the conclusion of the course, learners will be able to discuss current issues in the field of space science, identify specific astronomical objects (planets, stars, nebulas, globular clusters, galaxies, etc.), and will have gained considerable knowledge about the true nature of the universe in all its complexity and beauty

  • Suitable for all learners by virtue of being entirely non-mathematical, and resonating with profound ideas that will persist long after the course is over


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  • 18 astronomy classes each with streaming video, extended research, and an interactive quiz with fully automated assessment

  • 150 minutes of award-winning, on-demand Sky Candy video

  • A community-based forum devoted to the hottest topics in astronomy

  • Thought-provoking astronomy blog

  • Space store, educational downloads, online puzzles & games, a personalized certificate upon completion, access to all updates for one year and more

A Quantum Leap For Space Education

Colorful and explosive without any 3D simulations, Sky Candy is more massive and farther out than any other astronomy course, yet connected to us all on a personal level. Culled from the latest and greatest images from the world’s premiere space agencies, everything you see is 100% real, with no enlargements or up-scaling, showcasing only the most mind-blowing scenics in the entire universe. This simple premise, which no other astronomy course has ever had the conviction to uphold, elevates Sky Candy to a level of authenticity never witnessed. Until now.

Have You Ever Seen The Real Universe?

Picture this: A dazzling nebula studded with glowing pink clouds and tendrils of dark dust, harboring thousands and thousands of budding stars. Or an ancient globular cluster with millions of primordial bodies whizzing through space at 600 kilometers per second, lighting up the darkness like fireworks. Or a spiral galaxy in a hurricane-like swirl, cannibalizing a powerless neighbor with unstoppable ferocity. You’ve never seen anything like this before, and you’re not going to believe your eyes. This is Sky Candy.

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