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Inspire Your Students

In this day and age, with uncertainty looming over school re-openings and in-person learning, students may find themselves without a classroom, yet filled with curiosity about the universe at large. Online instruction ensures that students can continue to learn at home, while still being able to dream about something bigger, something “more than this”.

We heart education, and we think Sky Candy is a spectacular documentary series and an illuminating online astronomy course, with an engaging and colorful user experience suitable for a wide range of audiences in an academic setting. Give your institution the gift of space, and open a window to the real universe with Sky Candy, an astronomy program 13.5 billion years in the making!

A Quantum Leap Forward

For educational institutions, the benefits of Sky Candy go beyond what is available to individual members on the website. The biggest difference is that institutions have great flexibility in terms of deploying the content, the number of users who may access it, and for how long. Our straightforward Digital Site License (DSL) encompasses every context/situation for your audience and organization type.

Our Digital Site License comes complete with these learning resources:

  • 18 distinct episodes (units) of the award-winning Sky Candy video series (150 minutes of video) delivered on physical media (disc playback, for in-person learning) and as high definition digital MP4 files (for embedding on your secure server).


  • 18 fully automated, interactive quizzes with 10 challenging question types (multiple choice, matching images, true false, fill in the blanks, drag the words, hotspot, select from lists, etc.) delivered in Word format (printable, for in-person learning) and HTML5 format (for embedding on your secure server).


  • 18 collections of extended research designed to engage students with a deeper dive into some of the main concepts and most spectacular images from each Sky Candy episode, delivered in PDF format (printable, for in-person learning, or for electronic distribution).


  • 18 resource guides with expertly written and researched lecture notes, discussion topics, quiz answers and review (everything the teacher needs to conduct the class) which may be presented live in-person or via Zoom or similar (for online learning).


  • Sky Candy and the Real Universe astronomy course syllabus.

By purchasing a DSL, educational institutions receive all available Sky Candy learning resources to integrate into their space science curriculum, STEM program(s) and/or library catalogue. Our DSL enables institutions to stream, exhibit, loan out or otherwise dispense Sky Candy to authorized students and users in their community, as they see fit.

For maximum organizational usability, our DSL is granted for the “life of the file format” and also includes Public Performance Rights.

The price of our DSL is determined by two factors: the audience (number of students/users in your community) and organizational type (college, science center, etc.). For your price quote, email

free preview

We offer our educational buyers a free two week preview of the Sky Candy Astronomy School website for evaluation purposes.

Please send us your request for a free preview and we will follow up with you right away.


We support homeschool groups by offering memberships with access to all astronomy content and resources at discounted rates when they are bought in bulk.

Please email us for details.


You can find answers in our list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


Don't find the answer you are looking for? Please email us and we’ll get back to you right away.


Bring the cosmos to everyone in your organization with Sky Candy, an astronomy program 13.5 billion years in the making!

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Bottom line: Sky Candy is a comprehensive, full-semester online astronomy course with a straightforward DSL that is more feature-rich than any other similar educational product. If you represent an educational institution and are looking for inspiring content that is supportive of instruction, research and entertainment within the discipline of STEM, we’d be thrilled if you incorporate Sky Candy into your existing space science curriculum, or use it to form the basis of a new course of study about the real universe.

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The Answers Are Out There

Don't find the answer you are looking for?  Email and we’ll get back to you right away.

Thank You For Supporting Sky Candy

Our goal is simple and our approach transparent: We believe in the power of the science of astronomy to put our lives in some grander perspective, and we want Sky Candy to reach as many people around the world as possible. We are confident that our licensing and delivery process makes it easy and affordable to do just that.

By virtue of its stunning visuals and profound ideas that will resonate with every individual on a personal level, Sky Candy represents a quantum leap forward for space education. Dreamers and stargazers in North America and beyond are reaping the benefits of Sky Candy’s creative approach to scientific learning right now … and you could, too.

Inspire your students with dreams of a universe so grand, it puts their everyday concerns in striking perspective. Bring the cosmos to everyone in your organization with Sky Candy, the most spectacular astronomy program ever made! And remember: The night sky is not permanent and endless, it is always changing, always in motion … and always making something new to astound us!


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