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My name is Derek Reid. I’m the director, editor and producer of Sky Candy, an astronomy documentary series and e-learning website that reveals the true nature of the cosmos in all its complexity and beauty.

I call myself “The Stargazer” but I’m not strict about it. You can just call me Derek. Certainly, I have fond memories of looking through the lens of a telescope, seeing the rings of Saturn for the first time. Without a doubt, the hours I keep are closely aligned with those of an amateur astronomer,  the kind you might find at a country star party, for

example. In truth, you could use any number of adjectives to describe my professional bent -- Starboy, Skywatcher, Space Cowboy, it’s all good. Overall, I would simply say that the sight of the stars has always made me dream, too.

The Sky Candy Origin Story

As a devoted stargazer, I am fortunate to earn a living as a science educator (another adjective) and documentary filmmaker. I have a long track record in the astronomy documentary genre in particular. I've directed and edited 16+ hours of astronomy content in the last few years -- content that is airing around the world right now -- and I consider it my life’s privilege to be able to see so much and so far.

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I recently had the opportunity to create my own documentary series and e-learning website from concept to completion, something I had always fancied, but never had the time or resources to seriously consider. Then COVID struck, and suddenly I had a lot of at least one of those things. My wife gave me the name “Sky Candy”, told me that history favours the bold, and sent me on a journey to explore the solar system, dive into the Milky Way,  investigate dark matter,  search for our cosmic origins and travel to the begin-

ning of time -- and do it all using only 100% real footage. No CGI, no fiction, only light and truth. Lofty ambitions, yes, but astronomy is a very lofty science.

The Sky Candy Astronomy School

My journey, and that of countless contributors (so many skilled and creative souls, you all know who you are) culminates with this website, the Sky Candy Astronomy School. Yours, hopefully as gratifying, starts in the same place: a coming together of highly entertaining documentary films and tirelessly researched educational add-ons. I will leave it to you to decide whether we have succeeded in our quest. I believe we have, and I can all but guarantee that Sky Candy will inspire even the dullest of dreamers.

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I’m not sure how many fortunate spirits get to say this, but I’m doing what I was born to do: watch the sky. I see the stars, I see the planets, I see everything, and it feels good. Now I have an incredible opportunity to use my unique skillset to tell the world all about the real universe, and I feel deeply honored to be able to share my vision (and Hubble’s vision, and VISTA’s vision, etc.) with you.

One More Important Note

In my core I believe that space belongs to no-one and everyone at the same time, and therefore it should be free for all. In that spirit, I have tried to keep my plans and pricing for this website as low as possible. The first few classes cost nothing to participate in.

But 4K television production is certainly not free, nor is website design and hosting. Full disclosure, the entire Sky Candy production was produced and funded exclusively by my company, Trader Multimedia Inc.. I did not accept a single dime from the government nor from any sponsor or organization, and this content was not commissioned or pre-sold in any way. Sky Candy is a labour of love, but it came with a considerable price tag.

With this in mind, I humbly ask that if you feel you’ve received more value than the 20 dollars you spent to enroll in the program, I'd be thrilled if you visit our                            and contribute whatever amount seems right in your heart. You are under no obligation, of course, but everyone who makes a donation will be helping me to continue to produce 100% real astronomy documentaries like Sky Candy, and be acknowledged by name in the newest Sky Candy production (18 more videos and classes) underway now.

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On the flip side of this, I encourage anyone who cannot afford the enrollment fee to send me an email, state your case, and I’ll see what I can do to open up the program for you, because every one of us has the right to marvel at the heavens and take possession of its splendour, nor matter the night nor the reason.


I truly appreciate your patronage and support of my documentary series and e-learning website.

Enjoy Sky Candy! It’s all for you.






aka The Stargazer


Thank You For Supporting Sky Candy

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